I have over the years of Photography, Photographed over 500 Weddings!
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I have spent years photographing weddings with film cameras, not able to see the results for a week after the wedding. I had to pace myself, there was only so much film, and I had to get it right. There was no checking the image you had just photographed to see if the exposure or expressions were correct. Photographers like myself learned how to do it right and have the confidence that you will have great photos when the day is over. Using a digital camera allows me to take more photographs and quick candid casuals, While photographing in high quality formals.
You will find our wedding photography costs reasonable for the complete coverage of your wedding, and reception. Five hours of photography time 2 locations for just $699.00, makes this one of the better buys in Oregon. Included are all the images taken at your wedding on a DVD. Unlike a lot of photographers there is no commitment to order prints or albums. We will post your wedding online so that you, your family and friends may see and order additional custom printed, color corrected photographs. You may also e-mail them to your friends and family from the website. We also make available a DVD slide show of your wedding for purchase as well as conventional wedding books and a assortment of wedding packages at a resonable cost to you.­­
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